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I want to hear your thoughts on leaping without a net, whether it’s from a job, or a relationship, or anything else. What are your questions? What was the experience like for you? What have you learned?

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It. Is. Done. I am an Author!

  73,000 words, 15 chapters, 11 months, 76 interviews, 269 iced coffees, 1 laid off editor, 5,732,495 iterations of “I can’t do this.” And yet — it is done.  I no longer have an excuse to eat two cookies each night because IT IS DONE. I sent in my manuscript today. I’m neither the first […]

A Lesson From Dad, and the Shadow of Regret

I’ve been swaddled in a blanket of regret for about a week now. It’s a not-pretty pity party wherein I smack around my psyche for leaving The Best Job I Will Ever Have. Never mind that I did so 14 months ago, and really should get over myself at this point. For now, I’m laying […]

My Leap Year

I’ve been trying for a few months now to figure out what happened to me on the morning of July 7. It was one of those glorious summer days that people like to brag about in Portland. If you’re seeking temperate perfection, visit the Pacific Northwest in July and August. The rest of the year […]


Speech for the Edison Talks at Chicago Ideas Week Cadillac Palace Theater, Chicago, IL October 17, 2013 Audio on SoundCloud Good morning. I’m Tess Vigeland. I am delighted to welcome you to one of the signature events at Chicago Ideas Week – Edison Talks. In 1876, Thomas Edison opened the world’s first industrial research lab […]

Two Weeks of Getting Back to Remarkable

So I gave this speech a couple of weeks ago. You may have read it, you may not have. If not, you can find it over on the “Speaking” page of this site. It’s a speech I delivered at the World Domination Summit (WDS) in Portland, OR, about what my life has been like since […]